Geopoetics and Women

When I wrote my page on Geopoetics, I remarked on the gaps women were finding in Kenneth White's perspective. In fact if you read Kenneth White you won't find him referring to many women at all. However, in the last twelve months I've come across a lot of women writers and artists of all kinds. I'll add links to relevant blogs and web-sites as I go, but just to get you started, here's a list. It's a work in progress - please feel free to make suggestions!
  • Fiona Byrne-Sutton - potter
  • Margaret Bennett, musician and story-teller
  • Nan Shepherd - writer
  • Kathleen Jamie - poet and essayist
  • Christine de Luca - poet
  • Lorna Waite - poet
  • Mandy Haggith - poet and novelist
  • Margaret Elphinstone - novelist
  • Linda Cracknell - walker and writer
  • Nat hall - poet and photographer
  • Carry Akroyd - painter
  • India Flint - eco-dyer
  • Karen Strang - artist
  • Sophie Munn - artist
  • Morelle Smith - poet and travel-writer
  • Katharine Stewart - historian and small-holder
  • Fiona Robertson - artist
  • Christine McIver - artist
  • Julie Fowlis - musician and singer

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