Tuesday, 16 November 2010

walking the territory

It was cold this morning! And damp.I went for a walk along the road out of the village, remembering the camera for once. This is what you see as you leave the houses behind.

This week I've been re-vamping the Lúcháir website. It's a big process, giving the whole thing a fresher look - more colours, more space and a lighter feel - and a better focus. The process will include small tweaks to this blog, too, now that it covers both the sites.

As part of the process I wanted to get some photos of the soft rush (the original luachair which inspired me). Here's one.

I got quite carried away.

I love this willow. There is a small burn over there where some people claim to have seen kingfishers. I never have.

And this is one of the views that sold our new house to me when we first saw it, nearly thirty years ago.


Crafty Green Poet said...

Lovely photos, Elizabeth! Rushes are wonderful plants. As for kingfishers, I think seeing them is all about luck.

Elizabeth Rimmer said...

It certainly is - and quick reflexes, too, because they move so fast!

Susan Kruse said...

These are lovely images. I love the soft mistiness and the tweedy colours. Very lovely place to be I should think...